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Follow me into darkness...and bring your wallet.

Asylum for Shut-Ins DVD

Asylum for Shut-Ins DVD
They pour the poison, you drink the poison.

This DVD contains 2 episodes:

- Episode #1 - YOU LOVE THE SICKNESS 39:00

"Kill the children, take the money!"

- Episode #2 - CLEAN THE BOOT 39:45
"Sing praises to my glory or I will crush you with the heel of my boot!"

$15.00 shipping included.

Video Psychotherapy Doc T-Shirt

The Doc T-Shirt
100% Cotton -- 100% Glory!

Small - Medium - Large - Extra-large - XXL.
$20.00 shipping included.

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The Doctor's Diaries DVD
To come!

The Doctor's Diaries

Over two hours of all new video psychotherapy on 2 DVDs.
Disc one: Video Psychotherapy
Eight all new sessions of Video Psychotherapy.
Disc two: Raw Takes, Out-takes and Psychotic Breaks
The fans have spoken and we have responded with an exhaustive compilation of the Doc's most insane and outrageous uncut and uncensored diatribes. This is straight ahead Doc. In the studio and behind the scenes--an endless beat down interrupted occasionally by drunken ramblings and psychotic episodes. The Doctor at his finest.

Video Psychotherapy Logo T-Shirt
To come!

Video Psychotherapy Logo T-Shirt

Show the world just how twisted you are with the Video Psychotherapy T-Shirt featuring the all new and improved logo design. Buy it. Wear it. It's not a choice, it's what you will do.

Our marketing team is working on new ways for you to give us money. Check back often.
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